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Fox Amusements International is a limited partnership which owns and operates 15 theme parks and amusement parks around the United States and Canada. The list of parks can be found on our Parks Page.

The park chain has grown from one park originally and there is potential to grow even more through further acquisition or expansion.

Recently the focus has been on improving the parks already in the chain including recent additions like the Gulf Coast Pier four former South Metro Studios parks.

Since acquiring the parks formerly operated by South Metro Studios the focus has changed from pure amusement parks to more themed rides and attractions even if the theme is a boardwalk or midway, consistent theme and better atmosphere along with clean parks and great guest amenities are the main focus. Anyone can fill midways with coasters and rides if they have the money or ability to borrow the money, it turns out not everyone can build great parks, clean parks, and parks with the highest quality associates and atmosphere.

There is a lot more to come, we have plans to upgrade and improve nearly every park in the chain, some will be very dramatic renovations, it is fair to say there may be one or two parks that will be nearly unrecognizable when they are done.




NOTE: Fox Amusements is a fictional company for the purposes of sharing ideas and park files for Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 - It is the longest running and largest fictional park company on public RCT3 forums with more parks completed in the chain than anyone else in the game.