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Parks on this page use custom scenery.  A mostly complete list of the Custom Scenery I use is here.

Fox Amusements Chain Theme Parks

Highland Lakes

Expedition Pointe

Surf City

Carbon Canyon City

Fox Ridge

FoxStone Park

Shore View Park

Buccaneer Harbour - Full park file with Indoor Water Park, Hotel and Laser Show grounds

Buccaneer Harbour - Indoor Water Park and Laser Ground no Hotel

Buccaneer Harbour - Indoor Water Park only

Miller's Hollow

Woodland Park (Mini Park)

Fox Amusements HQ (Mini Park)

None Chain Parks

Northwest Valley

Park Scenarios

Scenario Pack 1

Rock Ridge

Bob's Big Fun Park

Camp Carousel

Ride downloads

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Posting Pictures to RCT3 Official Forum

Building cafeterias and food courts with hidden stalls.

Landscapes and Basic Structures

Advanced Landscaping