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RCT3 Soaked!
RCT3 Wild!

Current Versions of the following Custom Scenery:

Aceana’s Rocks
Aceana's Accents
Aceana's Pavement Essentials (all sets)

ATH Catwalk Set

Cafinated’s Letters

Shyguy’s main street pack.(all of them)
Shyguy’s Circus Center Packs (both of them)
Shyguy’s Expo Pack
Shyguys Alpine Village Set (all of them)
Shyguy’s Catfish Cove Set
Shyguy's Waterworld Set

Klinn’s Electroshock set
Klinn’s Frameworks

Jcat’s Steelworks
Jcat’s Dark ride set
Jcat’s Blox
Jcat’s Mouseworx
Jcat’s Screamworx
Jcat’s Spaceworx

Marnetmar’s Leftovers
Marnetmar’s Dark ride Set
Marnetmar’s Egypt Theme

iceatcs Timber frame set
iceatcs Slide Supports
iceatcs Brand Name logos
Battor77 speakers pack

Battor77 Travaux set
Battor77 Projectoures

Lulujarre America pack
Lulujarre Rockin Rollercoaster pack
Lulujarre Pirates of the Caribbean

Dark Ride Person’s Ambiance
Dark Ride Person's lights

DasMatze Billboards
DasMatze Bridge It
DasMatze  Fences and Railings
DasMatze Industry Age Additions
DasMatze Industry Age
DasMatze Industry Age metal walls
DasMatze Industry Age rusty metal walls
DasMatze Instant Jungle
DasMatze  Invisible Entrance
DasMatze McConnerys Fast Food
DasMatze Peep Generator
DasMatze Railings
DasMatze  Railroad Crossing Set
DasMatze  Random Stuff
DasMatze  Rock the Net
DasMatze  Spikey Walls
DasMatze  Swizzit
DasMatze  Domes
DasMatze  Haunted Mansion

Joffy's Medieval Set

LittleMac's Cutom Vendor Carts

Doughnuts Atomic Set

Moby Steel Jungle

Drucifer’s Top Gun set

Vodhin’s Vermont Theme
Vodhin’s Light Kit
Vodhin’s Café Set
Vodhin’s Coaster Lights
Vodhin’s strip lights
Vodhin's Mill Set
Vodhin's Emerald City
Vodhin's Log Cabin
Vodhin's Girders n Glass
Vodhin's Benches

The Cook’s Doors
The Cook's brick and stucco walls (unfinished set availabel at

Lucky Girl’s Harbour Set

Stuk’s Hangar 51
Stuk’s Hangar 71

Xistics Road Cafe

Zeplin’s Rockwell Font


And  a cast of thousands…