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Basic Landscape and structure tutorial

Building Basix Park with a lake and a coaster building

To make a lake with rounded edges and smooth shore lines there are some basic steps

We will start with a blank park in Sandbox Mode

Open the Terrain Tools

Chose Terrain shaping

Pick the Lower terrain tool

We are going to lower some land, it does not have to be the final shape you want for your lake.

Once we have lowered some land lets change to the Smooth Terrain tools

This button smoothes the terrain to the level of buildings and rides, I tend to use this one the most.

Use this tool to create the basic shape of your lake

Next you need the Terrain Averager tool

Go around the edge of your new lake with the averageer tool and it will smooth out the shoreline.

With the shape and depth made and things smoothed out the next important step is to apply some terrain textures.

I am building a park in a climate zone so I will use brown sand and mud.

I usually put the sand texture on first letting it over spray up on the banks just a bit

Add in the mud on the bottom of the lake and you are ready for water.

There is the new lake ready for rides and buildings.

Next:  I will add a coaster and some scenery.

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